Freeze dried products...

…have a shelf life up to 25 years*
…do not need to be stored in the fridge
…maintain their colour*
…taste the same or even more intense than fresh
…do not lose nutrition*
*when stored properly

What to freeze dry?






The main stages of a freeze drying process
All the ingredients were prepared and placed on the trays. The trays are placed inside the machine. We start the freeze drying with the first step: freezing.
When it got cold enough, the machine turns on the vacu- um pump and the vacuum freezing begins. When the vac- uum freezing reaches the optimal pressure, the heater pads turn on and the drying stage begins. At the end of this stage we got a completly dry product.
The next important step is packaging the freeze dryed goods ASAP. The packaging must be airtight, light blocking and an oxygen absorber must be placed inside. Correct packaging is the key for a long shelflife.
If the freeze dried products need to be restored to their original stage, then adding some water and rehidrating it is the solution. However, there are some products, that are easy to use in their freeze dried consistency (like fruit and vegetable chips).

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